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Gartner Seed Farm strives to provide you with quality seed and service. Our main products are hard red spring wheat, barley, oats, triticale, winter wheat and forage peas, mixes of peas/oats, peas/barley or any custom mix.

Cover crops are a growing part of our business as more and more farmers are starting to use them.We carry a large selection of items to use in the mix. Each farmer chooses what items he wants in his cover crop mix and we blend it for him.

We offer seed in bulk, totes or bags. Our hours are flexible to serve you better.

We also have conventional feed oats available.

Gartner Seed Farm has been selling seed since 1995.

Gartner Seed Farm

Mike and Suzette Gartner  500 10th Ave NW,  Mandan  ND 58554  Phone 701-663-7731